Kristina Green

Ko Hikurangi te maunga

Ko Awarua te awa

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka

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Ko Ngapuhi te iwi

Ko Kristina Green ahau

I was 36 when I received my Moko Kauae by Uhi (an albatross boned hand tool) from Moko Smith. That weekend was a powerful celebration of my divine femininity, my Māoritanga and my Whānau. It was the culmination of trust, dreams, courage and love that ushered me through the spiritual door back to myself.

I grew up in a time where thinking was very colonised around who could receive Moko Kauae, and years ago I wondered if I’d ever be worthy of receiving such a gift.

The development of korero in this space in the last 8 years has removed those ideas of being worthy enough or earning a Moko Kauae.

It is a taonga and birthright for wāhine Māori who choose to wear it.

Over my lifetime I’ve been absolutely inspired and encouraged by women I would see wearing Moko Kauae, and my journey has in part been possible thanks to them.

Moko Kauae is a Māori woman’s journey to her heart, to her essence.

My ready-ness to receive it was like a seed that had been planted years ago that was finally blooming.

All of a sudden the dream became so big I knew that the time was right.

I trusted my heart and my tupuna and stepped into that space in 2018.

Once I had decided it was time, I met who I needed to meet to undertake the next part of the journey.

I am truly blessed.

Who am I to wear Moko Kauae? I am Kristina. I am me. I am your sister, your lover, your aunty and your child.

I am a Māori woman who stands in her own power.

Kristina Green | Kaitā: Moko Smith

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