Jenny Winipere Mauger

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hinekatorangi (Kato) Te UaMairangi = Hare Nepe-Apatu Wirihana

Tipene Apatu = Minola (Molly) Eva Evans Winipere

Eva Apatu = John Holdforth Mauger

Jenny Winipere Mauger = Hone Waengarangi Morris

Hinekatorangi Jacquine Te Wawata o te Rangi Mauger

Mātāmua mokopuna to our grandparents, all my names belong to other people, I am them yet, I am distinctly me.

Te Whare Hukahuka o Tangaroa

Who am I to talk of myself? The constant caressing & lapping of kupu along the bow, midline & swish swirl tail of our sleek lines slicing & carving through Tangaroa … urging surging ceaseless til destination reached … then … safe harbour …

18 monthly visitations. Two lines from just under my lower lip to the bottom of my chin, one slightly shorter.

Unworthiness morphing to acceptance, starting the week-life as I knew it vanished like a ghost ship & all aboard her.

Years ago I had asked Atua for something inspirational when it became inevitable that my daughter was leaving home at 16.

The love, care, enthusiasm, vibrance, exploration, fun, dedication & devotion of a mother were unceremoniously whipped away by many whom I had fed, housed, clothed in the bosom of my heart, as I had believed whānau to be, executing personal, professional, community, whānau & hapū credibility.

Rangi Kipa

Admiring the colours especially of Rhonda Tibble & Tina Ngata’s 4 year celebration of becoming mau Moko & naming Rangi Kipa was my instant of acceptance.

Immediately messaging him, the moko had already appeared before Rangi.

Rangi carves my Moko Kauae … the instant I glimpsed her once I was on my feet & Rangi held the mirror I was flooded with the same sensation as having birthed, pēpi is swaddled & cradled in my arms.

Simultaneously I realised there are two paths to experiencing wahinetanga: both birthing & becoming mau moko.

Rangi informed me in the 20 years of his mahi, this is the first time he’s done a hiku tohorā.

I’d been focussing on plankton and microbial life knowing that given their health & abundance, so too are the tohorā.

My layers chipped away & exposed, revealing my lines … I finally also understood that artists enable us to see what we otherwise wouldn’t.

Later attending a navigation wānanga, I learn that the steering blade / rudder of the waka hourua is the hiku tohorā.

Te Oho Mairangi

Talk story

If you don’t share your story, no one will know it You are all the dimensions of your being.

Jenny Winipere Mauger | Kaitā: Rangi Kipa

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