"Through her mana-wāhine-based process of creating the work, Waitoa already challenges many art world norms including her intention to keep her curatorship over the works so that they might serve their greater purpose: “We are not for sale” she states."

As an emerging artist, Putaanga's defying moments as an artist was beginning to exhibit & install works. Not only creating space to translate ones soul into the physical, but also welcoming people in to view it.

The primary focus of Putaanga's work is to tell a story through imagery.

In the age of social media, we tend to communicate & share our worlds through photos so why not utilize that platform to also tell our stories that can be accessible to the masses.


Photography in te ao Māori is not a traditional art form nor is there a many Māori who have made the history books through it, however by incorporating the values of Māori into the photography world - one can set herself apart.

Exhibition Opening; Monday 16 March _ 20

Who am I to wear Moko Kauae: Photography collection

Pataka Museum - April 2021

Retaining cultural authenticity of an ancient expression.

During the past 3 years, Putaanga has dedicated much of her time to capturing the resurgence of Moko Kauae - the birthright of Wāhine Māori. Following the impact of colonisation on wāhine Māori, it was tohunga tāmoko & kaitā who were successful in reviving the ancient art which is a collaboration between kaitā, receiver & tūpuna.

Throughout the ages in Māori history, it has been pākehā that have captured the art form, however, now those images are some of the most appropriated & recreated in the world, while descendants fight for their rights to protect their tūpuna images.

The indigenous face is one of the most valuable images in the world, even more so while upholding traditional values such as whakapapa.

Who am I to wear Moko Kauae, is a statement not only for wāhine but also to the art world - that Māori can tell our own stories without our images being sold & appropriated.  

EAST 2020 

Main Gallery, Foyer, and Alcove Galleries

21 November 2020 - 28 February 2021

Hastings City Art Gallery presents EAST 2020, a biennial exhibition celebrating and surveying the current creative practice connected to the Heretaunga Hawke’s Bay region.


Tāne - Coming soon

A brief collection which captures the beauty of our ātua tāne. In an age where masculinity enables the believe that to be masculine is not to also have visual beauty, however, Tāne not only seperated Ranginui & Papaptūānuku, his realm is the natural, visual earth. His beauty is everywhere.

This collection captures the beauty of Tāne in the darkness of Papa & Rangi

Heretaunga Stories ​- December 1st


Heretaunga Stories is about capturing artists' responses to living in our diverse community through a partnership between Toitoi - Hawke's Bay Arts & Events Centre, Hastings District Libraries, and Hastings City Art Gallery.

Each organization will approach Heretaunga-based artists in our community and assist them to produce in producing a 15-minute performance. The focus for each will be; performing arts (Toitoi), literature (Libraries), and visual art (Gallery). This allows each organisation to utilize their area of expertise and work closely with artists to develop their stories. This formula will shape each performance, giving our community a broad range of experiences.

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