"The generosity of the women, and of Waitoa’s process is overwhelming and tangible.  It becomes clear that as an onlooker, I am in a place of privileged intimacy, one that I have not had to earn."

Who am I to wear Moko Kauae - Pūkauae writing

Stories are medicine.

This space offers the simplest & most accessible ingredient for healing - stories. Through a collaboration of stories, Moko Kanohi, artistry & imagery that not only normalize the view of wāhine māori mau Moko Kauae but also challenge society, the art world, & many minds tainted by colonisation. 

Early 2019, 21 Wāhine from all over Aotearoa responded to the Karanga to share their stories & have their whakaahua taken with Putaanga, who had been documenting wāhine mau Moko since 2017.


This first installation was 100% self-funded by Putaanga herself, frames were handcrafted from recycled weatherboard wood by artist Joe Rowntree. 

Following the success of the collaborative exhibit, funding was granted by CNZ to enable the kaupapa to continue which saw Putaanga travel Aotearoa to wānanga with wāhine who had responded to be part of this kaupapa. 

*The portraits are not for sale, reprint, or repost


© 2019, putaanga

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